a pair of socks

One day in March, when i had no “school” knitting project I was browsing for some sock patterns in Knitty. I really tried to make azures, as i seemed to prefer toe-up socks. But it did not work out. Then came spring Knitty and Posey seemed interesting enough to try. I tried with suggested needles and two yarns. Squares were huge and knitting too complicated. So, down with the needle-size (2 mm) and new yarn (Novita Nalle colori). I did not measure these squares, they seemed to be about the size needed. I finally had a project to take with me for schooldays. I took it out during coffeebreaks and even some very boring lectures saw me working on them. But they went slowly. In june I had a day in Tallinn. Perfect to carry with me in train. These socks also saw me waiting couple of times behind doctors office door and one busride to the country. Then it was time for heels, soles and toes. These were done in the country. It is very convenient for those people who tend to loose needles to knit majority of a sock with two or three needles only. Much more time to search for needles. I finished knitting that lovely picot edging while watching olympics opening ceremony. I had an urge to finish them as I didn’t wanted to take two unfinished projects back to town.


Knitting them was ok. Instructions are ok, although I didn’t master two-coloured squares. Maybe next time in my next life. As my gauge seems to be so different from majority of knitters, then I really should make couple of pairs of simple socks to get the feel of socks again. I had to frog one row of squares as they were too long for my feet. And they are tooo wide for my normal feet. That is the fault of me not knowing my gauge-issues completeley. I love the colours, but I have a feeling they will be spending much time in my sock-drawer.

grafted toes

So, it was my first try on modular knitting, and grafting the toes. I love grafting. and I love these toes. I also quite like sewing live stitches down to make a lovely picot edging. Modular knitting does tend to get boring, but when you know how many squares you need, you know exactly how far you are. So you can calculate in your head: percentages after each square. And the fact that you have only 17 stitches on kneedles, is encouraging.

picot edging