I really should be typing on my computer and write about other stuff for other people. But I don’t. Instead on friday, the day we had to go to country, I picked it up and casted on. It was easy, much easier than thinking. Just one more row I repeated to myself. And it was like a mantra.

orange shawl

Yarn (Emmeby Vogue) is a Christmas gift from my sister. I had other mixed plans with it. But they involved beads and I failed to locate the ones that matched these colours. So these plans were changed. I need a lacy, fluffy shawl. I have just one thick and too warm one for autumnal chills. That is the justification for this pleasure. I’m not 100% sure about the colour. I have nothing aganst yellow and orange. It just seems odd to combine it with beige and jeans. But we will see that day and that combination.

orange lace close-up

The pattern of the center is magically easy. You just do that yarn-over, knit 2 together and knit trick over and over. It gets boring. But it seems to grow quickly now. We’ll see about that factor later. One skein is gone and it seems 3 skeins is too short.

Post on inglisekeelne nende külaliste auks, kes tulevad Ravelryst. Ma tõesti ei peaks praegu üldse kuduma, vaid mõtlema, kirjutama ja analüüsima. Aga ma ei taha. Mu mõttelaisk vaim vajab mingit imelitsat kudumit, mida see sall kahtlemata on.